Maria Laura

She is very passionate about working with people and learning from others. She is organized, intense, caring, and joyful. She loves travelling abroad, meeting new people, and engaging with other cultures. Helping others is always a priority for her. In her free time she plays basketball and volunteers in a children’s organization.

This is María Laura in her words:

“Being part of a team in different contexts and at different times in my life has taught me how to cooperate, communicate, learn from others, and speak my mind. I believe team building activities are important in any context; they are mind-opening experiences that allow for personal and professional development. Catalyst Global gives individuals and companies around the world the chance to benefit from these activities and apply their lessons to daily life, resulting in higher levels of performance and positive results. The great team environment as well as the high caliber of employee here at Catalyst Costa Rica is what defines us and makes this job so enjoyable!”

Maria Laura - 02