Incredibly energizing and fun team building activities that put all team members into action.  They are mainly competitive team building games that create a lot of team bonding within the teams while also creating an amusing environment in the process of confronting other teams.


Flat Out: Afloat

From blueprint to boat, teams are tasked with building a cardboard vessel that floats and then used in a race against each other in the sea, lake or swimming pool.

two tribes 2

Two Tribes

An alternative Olympiad that provides sport for all. Two Tribes is a celebration of indigenous games from all corners of the world.
Go Team

Go Team

A high-tech treasure hunt that turns any area into an amazing race full of interaction and adventure.

Flat Out: Chariot Challenge

Participants construct full size cardboard chariots in preparation for a Ben Hur style finale.
Flat Out Formula 1 07

Flat Out: Formula 1

Teamwork is put to the test in building and racing a life-size cardboard F1 racing car.