Premio Team Building has delivered successfully two Team Building activities at the Exodus event organized by Camino Travel; these activities were great for developing teamwork and leadership by pursuing a goal collectively, the program was scheduled for June 2, it occurred early in the morning, the activity was entirely indoors as the sky was cloudy.



The 2 activities were:

Boom Time, which energized the whole room of 40+ people with incredible percussion accompanying cheerful songs, for that day the songs were “Happy” and “I got a feeling.”  The participants were thrilled with the activity which made it easier to break the ice and get motivated for the following agenda items

Need4Speed.  The activity was key for the event which was “leadership” and “teamwork.”  The participants were divided into groups and compete against each other to assemble unique model cars in record times.  After a loud horn sounded, the team participants started fiercely and playfully to assemble the vehicles, and as they did so, different styles of assembly lines were noticed across the teams.  The competition heated up after the first results were displayed and the teams had time to revisit their strategy and play again.  In the end, a group of teams was able to collaborate with each other further.  A lot of excellent communication was involved in the process as well as decision making to move forward and improve.  The room was full of energy.  It was both fun and a great way to demonstrate process improvement through collaboration and learning.

  • Excellent feedback was received from the participants.


  • The activities were chosen based on some people and the availability of time we were counting on.


  • These meeting icebreakers or energizers help to create a relaxing environment and to open people’s mind for teamwork and networking.


Thought process

The activity helped the participants to realize that process improvement requires open discussion of what went wrong and listened to all team members viewpoints to succeed.  It was also evident to them that there may be multiple ways to approach a challenge or a problem and that continuous improvement is vital to move forward and excel.